One of our staff testing an electrical appliance in an office

Electrical Appliance

Test & Tag Services

We help businesses & organisations in Darwin & the Northern Territory to keep their workplaces safe.

We offer professional electrical test and tag services in Darwin and the wider Northern Territory. At SafeNT, we make sure you meet and exceed the electrical requirements of the Workplace Health & Safety regulations (specifically regulations 150 & 151).

If you want to be sure you've fulfilled your legal obligations, choose SafeNT for your test & tag needs. We'll make sure you're electrically safe and compliant.

One of our staff carrying out testing on audiovisual equipment

Test & tag - for when it matters.

Electricity must be respected. If you're a workplace manager with health & safety responsibilities, it's important to get your test & tag done properly - to keep the people under your care safe.

We'll certify your equipment to the AS 3760:2010 standard.

Electrical testing in progress on a bank of laptops

Appliance testing

From air conditioners through to ceiling fans, microwave ovens, refrigerators and televisions - we’re an experienced provider of appliance testing services.

It's often surprising just how many electrical appliances can be in our workplaces. Our trained professionals are highly practised in the latest appliance testing methods.


and cooking facilities

Air Conditioning Units

and heating equipment

Computers & TVs

IT devices, displays & cables

Vacuums & Work Tools

cleaning machinery & trade tools

A tag detailing electrical testing results is applied to a computer, with the power cables (visible in the background) also clearly tagged

Electrical Tagging

As part of the certification process, we'll record the test results on a physical tag attached to your electrical appliances and equipment. Our tags can be printed with your custom branding - ask us for more details on customising your labels. The test & tag will be recorded digitally too, and you'll get a secure copy.

A tested and physically tagged microwave oven in a canteen in an office in the Northern Territory

Microwave Leakage Testing

Microwave radiation can create serious health problems - which you could be liable for. Regular testing with professional equipment makes sure your microwave-emitting devices keep dangerous radiation away from humans.

We use our microwave survey equipment to check your restaurant or canteen microwave ovens remains well below the legal minimum.

An industrial cleaning appliance powered by a three phase power supply, being tested with a portable appliance tester

Three Phase Power Testing

We’re experienced at inspecting and assessing both transformers and 3 or 4-wire electrical circuits.

Your equipment will undergo three critical tests to validate that they are safe to use. A leakage test, an insulation resistance test and the earth bond test - essential to ensure your equipment doesn't suffer from an insulation failure.

Testing a portable RCD safety switch to ensure electrical safety

RCD Testing

RCDs (residual current devices) or safety switches are critical to keeping us safe upon physical contact with a live electrical circuit – and keeping your property safe if there’s a fault in the circuit.

Our testing makes sure your RCD devices are in complete working order – checking to ensure they trip when the circuit is broken to prevent serious damage – to both humans and property. Whether they’re fuse-box, portable or outlet RCDs, we can handle your RCD test requirements.

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A row of computers and desks in an ICT classroom at a school in Darwin
Electrical Safety Audits

We'll carry out a thorough inspection of your electrical infrastructure, giving you a full report into the state of your equipment - with a strategy to manage electrical safety risks. You'll get the complete picture with SafeNT.

Data Management with Asset Tracking

We’ll give you a powerful asset-tracking solution that’ll keep you informed of your electronic inventory. Get an overview of your equipment, testing history, upcoming test dates and photos and essential detail of any failed equipment.

Our 5 step process to keep your workplace safe:

We’ve developed a stringent 5 step process which all our engineers follow - to ensure your workplace is secure. We will only certify an electronic item after it’s completed this process.

  1. Check & Inspect

We make sure there are no obvious faults with the equipment. This helps flags potentially hazardous problems early on.

Deep Test

Putting each item through thorough testing in our mobile state-of-the-art test station to validate and ensure safety


Equipment which passes our tests will be physically labelled with the details required by law. If equipment fails any test, it’ll be immediately marked with a hazard warning tag - and we’ll take a photo which will be provided in the concise report

Data Transfer & Record Keeping

We’ll securely upload your data to our central computer database. This gives you the peace of mind of having an off-site copy of all your electronic testing reports - so you’re going beyond your legal obligations.


You'll get a precise report with an overview, along with specific test details and a copy of the test results database - so you'll have a birds-eye view on your electrical inventory. Finally, we’ll provide you a framed certificate of AS 3760 compliance

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